What do we need to bring?

Just bring yourselves and whatever you'd like to eat and drink. You are welcome to bring a small cooler. Many people like to bring a camera to capture the trip. Also remember sun screen and sun glasses when it's hot out and a light jacket if the weather is cool. It is often cooler out on the water then it is on shore.

Is the up-river evening cruise the only one you do?

No. There are several down river trips available. From Sturgis Park (the down river side of the bridge) you can cruise south all the way to Pocomoke and spend and hour or so exploring the Discovery center Museum and on the way back , about 1/2 way is the Nassawanga Golf Course where we can pull in for lunch/dinner and a cold drink. Enjoy your meal on the patio under the trees or inside the ac lounge overlooking the river.  Or we can stop at Shad landing State Park, tie up and get sandwiches and ice cream in there snack bar and gift shop.

Cell phones?

There is cell phone coverage throughout the entire area of the cruise. We recommend, though, that you at least put them on vibrate and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Are there lots of bugs and mosquitoes?

Irritating insects are rarely a problem on the river. You would think with the marshy environment that just the opposite would be true, but not so. I'm sure that if you went walking through the woods and marsh along the banks that it would be a different story, but on the boat it's not a problem. At certain times of the summer we have what I call "hair flys" because they fly around your head and land in your hair. So bringing a hat does the trick. I do carry OFF on board if customers feel the need.

Can we swim off the boat?

NO! why? Alligator Gars will eat you!*

O.K. How about fishing off the boat?

NO! You'll catch an Alligator Gar and haul him up on the boat and it will eat you!*

Although Jerry has been a professional charter fishing Captain on both the Great Lakes and the Ocean for 22 years, this is a CRUISE. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. However, Jerry would be happy to recommend a local fishing guide who is a GREAT guide and will find you the fish (including alligator gars if you're looking for them).



* Actually, there are Alligator Gars in the Pocomoke River that grow pretty big but they don't eat people.